General Insurance – an overview.

General Insurance - an overview

General Insurance is a term often used, but rarely understood.

Put simply it is an overarching name for the various insurance policies you need to protect your main assets, such as your house, car, business, and any high-value possessions you may own.

As you can imagine, General Insurance comprises many different product areas and that’s why we have an expert team on hand to help you with your enquiry. So, if you need any assistance while you are viewing our General Insurance products – email or call +254 (0)709 455 000.

At JW Seagon, we pride ourselves on offering a one-stop-shop for all your insurance needs. And when it comes specifically to General Insurance, we are able to advise and recommend on a wide range of solutions, covering both business and pleasure.

Personal products.

Home insurance

Home (household) insurance

Motor insurance

Motor insurance

Travel insurance

Travel insurance

JWS Trinity

JWS Trinity

(a combined plan offering Home, Motor and Travel insurance)

Business products.

The easiest way to navigate our range of General Insurance business products is to find the sector that applies to you below. For anyone who does not fall into a specific sector, we advise you to look at Commercial Combined – this is our catch-all business product which is flexible enough to work across a number of different industries.

Alternatively, to outline your company’s requirements in more detail, call our expert Business Team on +254 709 455 000 or email

Sector-specific products.

Horti Plan - General Insurance Product

Horti Plan

Horticultural/Agricultural industry

Safari Plan – General Insurance for the Tourism sector

Safari Plan

Tourism sector

Premier Property Choice - General Insurance product

Premier Property Choice

Commercial and residential landlords

Academic Options - General Insurance product

Academic Options

Education sector

JWS Marine - General Insurance Product

JWS Marine

All inland transits, sea and aviation

Premier Aviation - General Insurance Product

Premier Aviation

Aviation sector

Other products.

Commercial Combined

Commercial Combined

Any other sector

Security Risks - General Insurance product

Special Risks Insurance

Bespoke products for Kidnap & Ransom, Cyber and the like

Contact us to discuss your general insurance requirements.

Contact us to discuss your general insurance requirements.