Motor Insurance.

Hit the road with confidence.

Motor Insurance - Hit the road with confidence

Motor insurance (also known as car insurance or vehicle insurance) is a mandatory product in most countries worldwide. And it is not hard to understand why. Each year there is an estimated 20-50 million road accidents across the globe, with approximately 3 million fatalities.

So, with the risk levels so high, it’s vital that your motor insurance stands up to the test. This means it should have a full range of benefits which covers every eventuality. There should also be minimal exclusions, as there is a high chance you will need to make a claim at some point in the duration of the policy.

At JW Seagon, we believe in driving a good deal, especially when it comes to your motor insurance. And whilst the value of your vehicle will ultimately determine the premium you pay, we’ve made sure that our motor insurance product is packed with the right benefits, generous maximum limits, and other added-value services.

Plus, we keep a close eye on your premiums, to ensure you are getting the best deal in the marketplace, both on first purchase and at renewal.

Motor insurance that steers you in the right direction.

For anyone looking to purchase or renew a motor insurance policy, the list of benefit levels is always the best place to start. With JWS Motor Insurance, you can be sure of the following:

  • Unique excess caps for theft of vehicle.
  • Generous maximum limits for common expenses such as windscreen, wing mirror and key replacements.
  • Loss of use and personal accident cover available.
  • No blame, no excess and excess protector in place for partial damage or theft.
  • Road and emergency rescue.
  • Wider cover, but not higher premiums.
Motor insurance that steers you in the right direction.
JWS Rescue

JWS Rescue.

Alongside JWS Motor Insurance you can purchase membership to JWS Rescue – which gives you access to roadside assistance and an emergency/non-emergency ambulance service.

For anyone driving in Kenya, you’ll be well aware of the risks and hazards ahead of you on each journey. JWS Rescue gives that extra all-round peace of mind when you take to the road. That’s why it is an added value service that is relied upon by so many of our motor insurance clients.

JWS Rescue

How does JWS motor insurance stack-up?

At JW Seagon we believe in our duty of care to customers and always aim to provide them with the widest possible covers available. Therefore, we have compiled a ‘Guide to buying a motor insurance policy” which shows how JWS Motor Insurance compares to other typical competitor motor insurance policies in the market.

We hope this guide clearly illustrates what an attractive product JWS Motor Insurance is, but more importantly, we hope it helps you to make an informed and appropriate decision about your motor insurance provision. Happy and safe driving!

Motor insurance

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