JWS Rescue.

Roadside assistance and ambulance service.

JWS Rescue - Roadside assistance and ambulance service

JW Seagon has partnered with Rescue.co to offer our clients access to roadside assistance as well as an emergency and non-emergency ambulance service.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance

The cost for this service is fully covered and includes:

Emergencies following a road accident regardless of whether there is a medical emergency and there is a need for towing services;

Situations where your car breaks down or gets stuck in an unfamiliar area and you need assistance;

Situations where you are stranded and have run out of fuel or have locked yourself out of your car and do not feel safe and require either a security responder or tow-truck depending on the location.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

Through world-class dispatching services, an expansive network of first responders, and mission critical technology, rescue.co delivers a fast and effective response throughout Kenya.

It includes both emergency and non-emergency ambulance services.

The cost for this service is fully covered and all the authorisations will be taken care of.

Who is rescue.co?

• Largest fleet of first responders in Kenya with over 800 ambulances, tow trucks and security providers.
• Leading emergency response company in Africa with average 15 min response time.
• In the last 12 months, rescue.co have successfully responded to and completed over 3,500 life-saving rescue dispatches.
• Currently protecting over 50,000 members in Kenya.

How does it work?

In an emergency:

  • Dial rescue.co members-only hotline which connects to a team of trained 24/7 professional dispatchers.
  • The dispatchers will ask you to confirm and/or request via a SMS link your location. Beyond getting your location, the dispatcher will ask a few questions to determine the nature of the emergency.
  • From there, they triage the case, start providing care or assistance over the phone and dispatch the needed first responders.

For a non-emergency (i.e. questions on an individual’s membership, follow up questions after an emergency or
for non-emergency evacuations):

  • Dial the non-emergency number and specify the assistance that you require. The Rescue.co team will make arrangements accordingly.

Who is the first response service available to?

The membership is available to all clients with a motor policy or a home insurance policy for a cost of only 3,000/- per vehicle or per household for a period of 1 year.

The limits

Service Ceilings / Capitations per vehicle or per
household policy

  • 2 medical rescues per vehicle or per household per year
  • 2 towing incidents per vehicle or per household per year
  • 2 security incidents per vehicle or per household per year

Fees incurred above the Limit

If the member exceeds the limits about then the following rates apply for any subsequent call-outs:

  • Medical response case fees: KES 20,000 per response + 250 KES per KM over 25 KMs
  • Security response case fees: KES 15,000 per response + 250 KES per KM over 25 KMs
  • Roadside assistance case fees: KES 15,000 per response + 250 KES per KM over 25KMs

Policy Wording: For the full policy wording, please click here.

Save the following numbers to your phone:

Emergency Hotline Number: +254 (0)711 911 911
Non-Emergency Number: +254 (0)714 911 911