Business insurance you can rely on.

JWS Commercial Combined – let’s talk business

Business insurance you can rely on - JWS Commercial Combined

JWS Commercial Combined provides versatile and comprehensive business insurance for all companies that fall outside of our specialist sector insurance range.

It is our most popular business product as it is flexible enough to work across the likes of the property, manufacturing, haulage, retail, hospitality, and service sectors. Plus, many more.

JWS Commercial Combined is a great one-stop solution for companies of all shapes and sizes. As one of the leading packaged-insurance plans on the market, it brings together all the crucial company insurance benefits – including cyber insurance, public liability insurance, employee liability insurance and business interruption insurance – in one neat plan.

Business insurance that goes further

JWS Commercial Combined is easy to administer, simple to understand and reassuringly affordable. It also has an extensive range of commercial benefits, which include:

  • A combined packaged policy – so no need for multiple, separate policies.
  • Property insurance, cyber insurance, public liability insurance, employee liability insurance and business interruption insurance available as standard or as optional extras.
  • Widest wordings on the market, insured locally with the influence of worldwide policy covers and extensions.
  • Generous limits available on all sections – which can be raised or reduced based on the client’s requirements.
  • Available for all businesses across all sectors including manufacturing, retail, food and drink, buildings, service, warehousing, logistics and many more.
  • Quick turnaround for quotations.

JWS Commercial Combined is ideal for non-specialist companies. This is because it covers the most important areas of business insurance, which leaves you to run/manage your company safe in the knowledge that you have mitigated all potential risks. Furthermore, it gives you the full confidence that there are no glaring omissions from your commercial insurance plan, which can be draining on your time, resources and finances.

Arranging your insurance

With over 30 years’ experience in helping companies with their insurance needs, JW Seagon is ideally placed to help. Our expert team will carry out a full review of your business and outline all the potential risks and any areas of concern.

We will then propose a full insurance schedule with benefits that are appropriate and necessary for your particular company. Rest assured, key elements of cover such as public liability and employer liability will come as standard. We will therefore advise on adequate benefit limits in these areas and discuss all relevant optional extras at the same time.

For more information or to receive a quote, email or call +254 (0)709 455 000.