Experts in health insurance.

Health insurance that you can truly depend on.

Health insurance that you can truly depend on.

Health insurance is a product that is very close to our hearts; it was the first insurance product that JW Seagon started selling 30 years ago, and over time, we’ve become an expert and highly respected health insurance broker.

Health insurance – also known as Private Medical Insurance or PMI – provides customers with prompt access to private healthcare treatment and reassurance that treatment costs will be met in a network of high quality private medical facilities. Depending on your requirements, treatment can be received locally or internationally.

A health insurance plan for everyone.

Whether you are buying a health insurance policy for the first time, or looking to switch your existing cover, we can help. Our team of dedicated health insurance specialists will scour the marketplace and come up with a range of health insurance plans that match your needs and budget. We can offer health insurance for individuals, couples, families, and businesses.

What’s more, we work closely with all the reputable insurers, including Allianz, Bupa, and Cigna, (plus many more) to find the best solution for you, because when it comes to your health, it’s vital that your insurance plan doesn’t fall short.

Helping you decide about your health insurance.

For most people being in good health is a top priority. And while you might not be able to predict what’s around the corner –you can certainly make sure you have the right health insurance plan in place.

At JW Seagon we offer a wide range of health insurance solutions, but which one is right for you? Answer the following three questions to find out – it’s a great starting point for anyone looking to purchase, switch or renew their health insurance.

In which countries would you want to be treated?

1. In which countries would you want to be treated?

Are you comfortable with the medical facilities in the country you live in? If you needed to treat something more serious, would you want the option to travel in order to access superior facilities and expertise within the rest of Africa, in Europe or in the USA? Of course, the wider the area of cover you choose the higher the premium you will pay.

2. What do you want treated?

Do you simply want to know that the treatment of the big, serious illnesses are covered, or do you want to have cover for everyday routine treatments such as doctor’s visits and vaccinations, as well? Do you want cover for maternity, health checks or non-emergency dental treatment? Health plans give you the option to cover either:

  • in-patient treatment
  • in-patient treatment + out-patient treatment
  • in-patient + out-patient treatment + wellness, optical, and dental benefits
What do you want treated?

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Conditions

It is also important to remember that most health plans will not cover any medical conditions you currently have or have had in the past (these are often referred to as ‘pre-existing conditions’), although there are a few that may do so, sometimes for an additional premium to cover the increased risk.

Evacuation Cover

Evacuation Cover

Whichever combination is right for you, we would recommend that you make sure your health plan includes evacuation cover (with some policies it is an option and for others it is for emergencies only). When the right facilities aren’t available locally, evacuation cover meets the cost of transporting you to another hospital where you can get appropriate treatment. This might be in a nearby town or city, or a completely different country.

Waiting Periods

Waiting Periods

Please be aware that most health plans have a waiting period before you can access maternity, psychiatric, wellness and non-emergency dental treatment, ranging from several months to several years.

What is your budget?

3. What is your budget?

For most people getting the right health cover in place is a balancing act between the extent of cover and what they can afford. Your premiums will be affected by your choice of which countries to have cover in and what you want to have treated. You can also manage the price and make your plan more affordable by taking a deductible.

Group health insurance.

Group health insurance (also known as company or corporate medical cover) is an insurance policy that a company takes out to provide employees with access to, and payment of, healthcare services.

The key question that buyers of company health insurance need to consider (in addition to those above) is who will be covered – all employees and their dependents, or just select tiers? This is important because the number of people included on the policy impacts the premium per person and whether pre-existing medical conditions can be covered.

Group health insurance.

Find out more about our range of health insurance plans.

At JW Seagon, our mission is to make the process of purchasing health insurance as simple and straightforward as possible. We know the health insurance market can be confusing, so we hope our jargon buster helps you to cut through the complexity.

At JW Seagon, we only recommend health insurance products that are reliable, affordable, and appropriate. Put us to the test today.

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The healthcare companies we work with.

When it comes to recommending quality health insurance, experience and expertise is vital. So whichever health plan you choose, you can rely on the fact that JW Seagon only partners with reputable, household names.

JWS Worldwide Health Plan.

In partnership with Cigna Health, we have developed a bespoke product – JWS Worldwide Health Plan. It is competitively-priced and includes a wide range of benefits – contact us today for a quotation.

To discuss your health insurance options further or to request a quotation, please call JW Seagon on: +254 (0)709 455 000

JWS Worldwide Health Plan

Jargon Buster.

Area of cover: The geographical region specified in a health insurance policy where you can have medical treatment.

Deductible or excess: A pre-agreed amount you pay each year for eligible treatment before your health insurance policy starts to pay any benefit.

In-patient treatment: Any medical service that requires admission into a hospital.

Out-patient treatment: Any medical service that does not require admission into a hospital.

Pre-existing conditions: Any health condition that a person has, or has had, prior to enrolling for health insurance.

Provider network: insurance companies have networks of medical providers (hospitals, clinics, doctors etc.) Typically:

  • if you use a network provider the cost of treatment will be settled directly by the insurer
  • if you don’t use a network provider you have to pay for treatment and submit a claim for reimbursement

To discuss your health insurance options further or to request a quotation, please call JW Seagon on: +254 (0)709 455 000