At JW Seagon we care for our clients and we care for our wildlife.

By Sally Fernades

At JW Seagon we care for our clients and we care for our wildlife. We support a number of wildlife and conservation charities in Kenya and from 1st January  2018 we are proud to announce that we will be contributing to Ol Pejeta’s conservation and community projects.

Today we’re celebrating World Wildlife Conservation Day with 6 fun facts about Kenya’s abundant wildlife! Did you know?

  1. There is only ONE male Northern White rhino left in the world, he is named Sudan and he lives at Ol Pejeta Conservancy
  2. Elephants can swim, using their trunks to breathe
  3. Dik-diks purposefully poke their eyes using grass and then use tears to mark their territory. The tears come from the black spots beneath their eyeballs.
  4. Female lions do most of the hunting, but males always eat first (yes, even in 2017!)
  5. A fully grown giraffe’s tongue can reach up to 24 inches long
  6. We all know that Cheetah’s are the fastest land mammal in the world – but did you know that it can reach its fastest speed of 70mph (112 kph) in just 3 seconds? But it can only sustain this speed for 100 yards, after which it’s body gets overheated.
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