Together We Transform

Five years ago, JWS held its first ‘State of the Union Meeting’. SOTUM allowed our 40+ colleagues to gather as one team, to reflect on the business we’d built over the past 25 years, and set ambitious goals for the five years ahead.

Last week our flourishing, 60-strong team met again to celebrate our success despite the unprecedented challenges we’ve faced individually and as a business; to take stock of our achievements, celebrate our growth and set new goals for the next five years.

Our focus for the day was to connect with our customers, empower our people and transform our operations.

Long-serving JWS team members, who have been with us for 10 years or more, reminded us that everything we do, we do for our customers. We live and breathe our mission to care for you. We all left feeling energised to take our thinking to new levels to ensure we may continue our mission well into the future.
It was an excellent time for taking stock and reflecting on the last five years. While it may not have always been plain sailing, we’ve learned a lot. The previous five years have set us up perfectly for a new phase of growth and brought plenty to celebrate:

We’ve grown on the inside and out

As of today, we oversee insurance for about 15,000 people. We’ve grown to a team of 60+ incredible staff, operate in 5 locations in Africa and partner with 100+ insurers and agents combined.

We started to reimagine the way we do insurance

We’re often told how insurance is perceived as a necessary evil. We asked ourselves – how do we turn this into social good? How can we make it all easier for our customers? What more can we do beyond insurance to delight our customers? With this, we set out a simple vision for the next five years – to delight our customers by making insurance simple.

We unanimously agreed to embrace change

The Covid-19 pandemic brought significant shifts in our day-to-day: From how we operate and interact to what our customers expect from us. The day involved lots of learning about the growth mindset, how our colleagues have grown in their roles, and how we are committed to reaching new heights for ourselves and our customers. Beyond that, we’ve acknowledged that our industry is changing, and for us to continue doing the great work we have done, we too must change.
We acknowledged as a team that the real work starts now – we can’t wait to roll up our sleeves and see how we can transform insurance for all our customers!