The father, son and holy spirit!

By Jeremy Clayton

An odd heading you may say, for a blog on insurance and I agree with you, but let me introduce the latest offering from the team at JW Seagon Group – JWS Trinity.

To explain; the design Team at JWS came up with all sorts of ideas for our new combined domestic insurance package, and, perhaps during a particular Sunday morning service, one of the teams had a ‘light bulb’ moment and it was decided that JWS Trinity was exactly right for this product offering. In time, we hope it will be as well-known as Safari Plan, Sleep Easy and our other products.

So, what is it?

Well, we are trying to simplify the buying of your personal insurances, namely, household insurance, private motor and travel insurance. This type of policy is very popular in other countries and so we decided to bring it to the local market.

Simply put, it combines our popular Sleep Easy (household policy),JWS Motor and our very extensive Annual Travel policy for the family. All the covers are the widest available in the local market, the premiums are discounted, and the only criteria is that you must buy a minimum of two sections. Do not worry, if your house insurance is due for renewal at a different time to your car insurance, we are well practiced with this scenario and can work it so as to accommodate all your policies.

The savings are significant, the wordings are tried and tested as our clients will testify to, the claims service is exceptional and there is also the option to spread your premium payments. A one stop shop, security, peace of mind and more money in your pocket, all in one go.

Just contact us whenever any of your insurances are due for renewal, you will be pleasantly surprised at what JWS Trinity can do for you.

Let us do the hard work for you! Contact us today.

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