‘Off the shelf… can I help you Sir’!

By Jeremy Clayton

Okay, so I am a relevant newcomer to these shores, having arrived almost 5 years ago now. Despite my second day being tarnished by the devastating events of Westgate, the experience has been most enjoyable and ‘eye opening’!

Now, as any of you that reads my regular commentaries, or trendily know them as ‘Blogs’, I am an insurance broker, so this is very specific towards my industry. Yes, I know many of you will switch off now and stop reading, but honestly, if you do carry on, you will learn the truth about who shot JFK and was the 1969 moon landing a hoax or not. Before that, let me ‘bore’ you with some insurance ‘stuff’. For those of you in my industry, you might even be interested, so please read on.

So, when I arrived I did what any good Broker should do, I read the local policy documents and did some thorough research into what was already available on the market. What I quickly decided to do was something ‘different’. Instead of relying on standardised policies that had been in the industry for some time, I wondered if the market was ready for some changes and improvements. Nothing mind boggling just some things that made everyone’s lives that much easier. Things like apply the ‘new for old’ condition on all claims; having full ‘All Risks’ including Theft and Accidental Damage on policies; not itemising household contents, but having overall sums insured and packaging policies to make administration and understanding simpler and more efficient for all concerned.

Like ones first day at school, I picked up my satchel and lunch box and went to see some Insurers to see if they would listen to a young ‘whippersnapper’ like me (well not that young!). I could not have been made any more welcome and our ideas became reality in a very short period. Local insurers embraced the suggestions I put before them and were happy to underwrite our policy wordings.

Tailor made insurance

That is how JW Seagon Group developed it’s General Broking presence in the region. We were able to provide our clients with brand new, up-to-date, bespoke, tailored policy wordings which provide cover that may not have previously existed in the local market, and with local Insurers.

Whether you are a camp, school, flower farm or own a residence, your needs are different from a bicycle manufacturer, restaurant or a haulage firm. So, do you not deserve a tailor made policy, and one that is unique to you and your sector/industry/personal circumstances?

At JWS we strongly believe that each client should be dealt with on an individual basis and that is why we can offer all our clients that unique service and product. Have a look at www.jwseagon.com/products for some more information.

Now, thank you for being patient and waiting for those answers to the burning questions above and I can tell you..!