Surprised again!

I am relatively new to the insurance world and often, whilst navigating my way through the complexities that seem to surround insurance, I discover new things and more often than not I am pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

I thought I would share my last escapade with you all in case, like me, you are not entirely sure what can be claimed under the JWS Motor Insurance policy. It was such a simple accident that I didn’t think I could make a claim, and it was only later when I was complaining about how stupid I had been that one of my colleagues piped up and said it was all covered under my motor insurance policy.

One very fraught Friday morning, running a little late as usual, I reversed out of my garage and straight into another car. The other car was undamaged but my bumper on one corner was badly dented, and the light smashed. I was furious with myself – a small accident that would cost me a lot of money! The following week I sent it off for repair and luckily, as one does now, I took photos at every stage of the process – after the crash, during the repair work and afterwards. The accident happened on private property and I hadn’t involved the police so I presumed the insurer wouldn’t want to know about it.

However, it turns out that none of that mattered, I filled out a form and drew a little diagram to explain the incident, sent it over to the Pink team along with the photos and the invoice for the repair work and a couple of weeks later I was reimbursed, no excess required. It was extremely easy, and I was thrilled. I hadn’t had to pay out of pocket and my initial pay out for fully comprehensive insurance was totally worth it.

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