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Our Sleep Easy policy is the widest home insurance available on the market and for a brochure and market cover comparison please see the literature page or the links below.

This is an exclusive scheme, only available to existing clients, families, friends, associates and referrals, so you will see that you will be required to enter an e-mail address for identification purposes. At each box, you will see a help icon , by hovering over this, it will give you some guidance and may refer you to various links to assist you in understanding the policy and what information we are requesting.


Your guide to calculating your sum insured

The responsibility for the adequacy of your sums insured is yours. It is essential that this is considered carefully and we recommend you read our “Your Guide to calculating sums insured” which will assist in setting your sums insured as per the link.

When you have populated all the quote information, a final premium will be shown and this is your quotation.

At any time, you will be able to call +254 709 455 032 or e-mail [email protected] for additional help and support


Our Sleep Easy policy is made up of several sections, all as detailed in the literature mentioned above. You must select at least Buildings or Contents as a minimum, other sections cannot be taken in isolation.

The Sleep Easy policy is the most comprehensive cover available on the market, but as with any insurance policy, there are certain exclusions. The main one is the standard exclusion of Political Violence & Terrorism, one you will find in all Kenyan policy wordings. This can however, be purchased separately and if you require this cover, please let us know and we will provide separate terms.

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