Securing Tourism: Exploring Liability Insurance at TATO’s Breakfast Meeting.

The Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) holds regular breakfast meetings with its members to discuss issues impacting the tourism sector, particularly those affecting its members. These gatherings often feature guest speakers who offer solutions to common challenges faced by the industry.

Last week, JWS was invited to speak. The focus was on the role of public liability insurance in protecting both tourists and businesses within the tourism sector. Jeremy Clayton, CEO of the General Broking Division, led the discussion. He shared real-life examples illustrating how tourism businesses have faced lawsuits from clients due to accidents or other incidents. In cases where the business was found liable, instead of bearing the full financial burden, their liability insurance covered the costs (within cover limits).

It was an educational, eye-opening session where TATO members learnt that you are better off covered for an uncertainty that may not occur, then to be caught unprepared when the unexpected happens. Some claims for injuries can exceed a business’s financial capacity, and the best way to mitigate such a problem is to use the cover that has been provided to protect you in such instances, liability insurance.

Overall, the event was both informative and empowering for businesses in the tourism sector. It underscored the importance of safeguarding businesses and showcased JWS’s commitment to caring for its clients.