Safari Plan – Bigger, better and stronger!

By David Seagon

Following the recent transfer of our unique and exclusive Safari Plan Healthcare scheme to CIGNA, it appears that certain sectors in our industry are either misinformed or have just picked up the wrong end of the stick. We have heard suggestions that Safari Plan is no more, that the jurisdictions have changed and all sorts of inaccurate comments.

We are delighted to advise that Safari Plan is most certainly bigger, better and stronger than ever before and clients continue to benefit from the most innovative and comprehensive suite of policies in this region.

We have hundreds of camps, lodges, hotels, and conservancies on the plan, all satisfied with the rates, cover and simplicity of the scheme. We provide all our clients with the 24/7 emergency service – JWS 360®- and the policies have continued to evolve with even more extensions and improvements.

In addition, we also have two new products which have been launched, JWS Travel with some of the best levels of cover available anywhere and designed for our Safari Plan clients, travel agents, tour operators and others. Secondly, our new Premier Aviation policy is available for all clients and we are very excited about these new developments.

So, the message is clear… Safari Plan is still at the forefront and there are no plans to change it.

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