Revolutionizing Motor Insurance: JWS Client Benefits

I’ve been in Kenya for over 10 years now and it has always been ‘interesting’ to see how Motor insurance is rated here, compared to the UK. In the UK, to get a quotation, one must give a postcode where the vehicle is based, make and model, your age, age of all drivers, who is to drive, accident and conviction records, use of vehicle, how long you have had your licence, etc. They even now ask if you are a smoker and homeowner, not sure what difference that makes, but, anyway, that’s what allows for the insurers to calculate the premium. In Kenya, rightly or wrongly, you provide a value and that’s the premium! Simple, but perhaps misguided?

In summary, we have been in discussions with one of our partner insurers, one of the leading Kenya insurers, and not only have we managed to negotiate improved policy limits for our clients insuring with them: windscreen, towing, authorised repair limits, etc, but we are also now able to offer discounts from the minimum rates, as announced over the last few years. These are fully approved.

So, for JWS clients, if you meet any of these criteria, your premiums can be reduced accordingly:

·         Limiting driving to over 25’s
·         Limiting driving to over 30’s
·         Over 50’s and/or named professional driver
·         Living and working outside Nairobi or Mombasa
·         Voluntary Excess to be taken all damage/theft claims – KES 50,000
·         Voluntary Excess to be taken all damage/theft claims – KES 100,000
·         Use restricted to Social Domestic & Pleasure only purposes
·         Annual mileage limited to 5,000

It isn’t quite as ‘data sensitive’ as the UK, but, in ours and our partner’s view, it uses certain positive underwriting criteria to allow us to discount your rates. Do not worry, if you do not qualify for any of the discounts, you will still get the competitive rates that JWS has negotiated, remembering that the policy limits and extensions of cover are much improved from normal local policies. But if you do qualify, please talk to your normal account handler.