No-one likes a show off

By Jeremy Clayton

A slightly trickier ‘blog’ to write this time as it’s about us…not market conditions, advice on insurance related matters, interesting things that have happened (yes, interesting things do happen in the world of insurance…honest!), nor, is it a question…’will it ever stop raining in Kenya’! No, this time it’s about us – JW Seagon Group – or more specifically: JW Seagon Insurance Brokers.

If any of you know the writer, you will be aware that I am very fortunate to have been placed in the position of ‘Head of General Broking’ for the Group. A bit of background history: JWS put down it’s roots in Kenya in 1958 and was founded as a company 25 years ago. It has always been well known for it’s skills in the Healthcare sector, with Life, Travel and a bit of Investment. David Seagon decided in 2013 that it would be a good move to set up a General Broking division to be able to offer clients a ‘one stop shop’. So, whether you are an individual who has purchased their own Healthcare policy and requires House, Motor or Boat insurance, or a business that requires Material Damage, WIBA, Liability or other similar covers, you only need to come to one place; JW Seagon Group.

Now regardless of what the title may say I am not ´blowing my own trumpet´, but simply acknowledging the hard work and praising the efforts of the entire team. The Management, the Healthcare team and my own Team have worked tirelessly to ensure that this ‘venture’ has been a success.

And how successful has it been. Well, in 4 years of actual trading (12 months to get systems in place), we have 291 business policies and 347 individual policies producing an average annual growth rate of 80% across all regions which includes Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, UK, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Rwanda, and others. We have introduced 12 new exclusive products into the market and handled well in excess of KES 142 million of claims. Our Team has grown eight fold and we are encouraging everyone to sit their technical insurance exams and to improve themselves to be the highest level. So, perhaps this is a little ‘showy-off’, but actually it is more about how proud we are of what we have achieved.

We are now positioned for all our clients to sort all their insurance needs from one place. Why not speak to your usual contact and they will introduce you to one of the team and ensure that the ‘one stop shop’ is a pleasurable and successful visit.

To find out more about JW Seagon´s One Stop Shop product offering please click here. Alternatively you can reach us on: Tel: +254 709 455 000, Email: