A JW Seagon New Years Resolution

We promise to settle your home insurance claims within 24 Hours!
Find out more about JW Seagon’s latest developments and learn how easy it will be to claim on your home insurance.

A very happy New Year to everyone and let us hope it is a happy and prosperous one for all of us.

Many of you will know at JWS we try to provide innovative solutions for insurance, and we try to ensure that we bring something unique to the table. We are delighted and excited to bring to you our latest development, one that we believe is unique to us.

We fully understand that small domestic claims can be an administrative headache and there is a process in place that is extremely cumbersome. Getting all the details together can be a bit of a task, but it is the wait for the loss to be adjusted, approved, the discharge voucher to be issued and then that wait for the payment to be in your account. Well, our New Years Resolution is to reduce that headache.

JWS has teamed up with Jubilee Allianz and Intra Africa Assurance in Kenya and both have agreed and allocated JWS full authority to settle any claim less than KES 100,000 under Sleep Easy and the home insurance section of JWS Trinity. For those of you who haven’t purchased these policies, they are the widest covers available in the market and extremely well priced, so come and have a look. For those that already have the policies, you will benefit from this new facility the next time you make a claim.

From 1st January 2024, if you drop your mobile phone, tip coffee on the laptop, pour red wine on the carpet etc and the total cost is less than KES 100,000, we promise to settle the claim within 24 hours, subject to us having all the information that we require and providing we can approve the claim. We will still require the claims information that you are normally expected to provide, but once we are satisfied with what you send us, we will settle your claim that same working day or within 24 hours directly to your bank account*.

If we fail, we will provide you with a Greenspoon Voucher valued at KES 5,000

You’ll see the little * next to that statement, this is not a ‘get out of jail free card’, it’s simply because there are a few points that we have to raise and make clear to enable us to provide this guarantee. These are shown at the bottom of this announcement.

We are excited by this development in the services JWS provide, and we hope we can persuade other Insurers to offer us the same facility. Whilst we hope you do not have the misfortune to make a claim, we are ready for you if you do.

Should anyone require further information on this, please get in touch: Email: talk2us@jwseagon.com  or Tel: + 254 (0) 709 455 000.



  • The claim has to be covered under your policy
  • All documentation must be with JWS, hard or soft copies and the hour starts on receipt of the documents
  • Power outage or internet failure by whatever cause cannot be included, but a call to the claimant will be made if this is the case
  • Claims payment will be made by Bank Transfer and a POP issued. Bank transfers can take from one to 3 hours normally, and outside of our control, so the time will be when the transaction is activated