Free with every new motor policy!!!

Are you fed up with having to scrape off the debris and residue from your car or vehicle windscreen every single year? Often they appear to be ‘spot welded’ on and the thought of removal leaves you cold? Are you one of those that removes as best they can and then just sticks the new one over the top, or even one of those that has several years’ worth stuck on their windscreen?

Well, like a lot of things at JWS, with a mass of innovation, a great deal of brain cells and at vast expense, we bring you the ‘Self Cling Insurance Certificate Holder’ otherwise known as SCICH!

To be perfectly honest, these have been used in the UK for decades, and were phased out when it was no longer required to show your documents on your windscreen…but it sounded better, pretending we invented it!!! It was however at great expense – they cannot produce in Kenya, so they had to be brought from the UK!

How do I get one you may ask? Simple, for every vehicle you insure with JWS, we will deliver one to you, even if we send the certificates electronically.

Don’t forget, not only do we have the best Motor policy on the market, but we also have the best certificate holder!

Contact us on at or call us on + 254 (0) 709 455 000.

Anyway, here is an image of the document front and back and below. Some say, they fall off in the heat, but these are the modern polypropylene, and they do not. Just make sure your windscreen is clean when attaching it and ‘away you go’.