Announcing the new management liability (directors & officers liability) cover

JW Seagon Group is delighted to announce our latest exclusive product to the Kenyan insurance market – JWS Management Liability – or as many people know it, Directors & Officers Liability. Unlike local policies, it comes with the option to purchase Corporate Liability cover, plus the most sought-after cover, Employment Practises Liability.

This type of cover originated in the 1930’s, became more popular in the 1960’s and really took off in the 1990’s following major changes in international company acts relating to owning and running businesses. Now, it is almost a ‘must have’ for large and small businesses, and for the owners of the companies. Failure to have such cover, exposes the ‘decision makers’ to prosecution from external organisations and individuals ; government institutions, investors, creditors, traders, suppliers and pretty much anyone who feels ‘hard done by’ as a result of a ‘wrongful act’.

There is often a lot of confusion regarding this type of cover, but it is relatively simple, and we have tried to make our policy as straightforward as possible. Please follow the link below to read more about the covers and some examples of what the cover provides and the protection it gives to you as a business. It is also a misnomer, that the cover only applies to directors and officers of the business, anyone in your business can make a serious mistake, so our policy provides protection to all decision makers.

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You will see the level of premiums offered on the brochure and, assuming you qualify, you can pick and choose the levels of cover required and the extensions. Do not worry if you require higher levels of cover or if you may not comply with the requirements, in this event, we can still offer you facilities. If you are an international business, our London market will also have solutions for you.

Please contact us at or call us on + 254 (0) 709 455 000.