The Necessary Evil!

By Jeremy Clayton

So, here we are, living on the equator – full of fantastic safari opportunities across our beautiful country, the wilderness, the plains, wildlife, lodges, camps, hotels and everything good about Kenya. It truly is a remarkable place and I, the writer of this piece, having only been here for 4 years, cannot help myself, in shouting from the rooftops about the wonders of it.

Covered by JW Seagon

Why then, does this article have such a negative headline?

Is it because of the perception that this country is prone to terrorist attacks, is it the fear leading up to the election in 2017 or is it the troubles up in the Laikipia area with killings and arson attacks on people’s businesses and homes? Actually no, these things, sadly, happen all throughout the World…recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London, Paris, Brussels, various US states; election troubles in France and the Far East and rest assured arson attacks happen throughout the world, every single day and in the UK – the cost of arson equates to £53.8m per week!

No, this headline is simply to point out that, whilst we cannot stop all these terrible events, there is something that can ease the financial burden of losses resulting therefrom. Most of you will have guessed that we are talking about ‘insurance’… often described as a ‘necessary evil’!

Whether we are private individuals or businesses, we all have a finite income to spend each week, month or year. Out of that income, the most ‘fun’ we have is spending it on ‘tangibles’, you know, food, drink, computers, mobile phones, cars, new golf sets or mountain bikes for those energetic of you… all those things that give you some pleasure. Insurance costs, perhaps like some taxes… you just see as an expense that gives you nothing back in return?

Let me explain

In a ‘weird’ sort of way, I say ‘good, I am pleased!’ Before you start writing terrible things about me let me explain. Simply, if you pay your insurance premiums regularly and never ever use what you have paid for, it means that you have never suffered a loss. So, I stand by my comments because, whilst an insurance policy will compensate you for your loss, it can never replace the sadness and anguish you will experience following that loss.

Whether it is the death of a loved one and their Life insurance pays; a break in to your home with sentimental personal possessions stolen and your Household insurance pays; or your business that you have built up for many years is burnt to the ground in a bush fire and your Commercial insurance policy steps up to the plate. I have been there and seen the tears… so hopefully you will understand why I never want any of you to use your insurance policy.

I am sorry if I have brought your mood to that of ‘sombre’, but if there is one thing that you take from reading this small article, it is at least to think about what you are insured for and what you are not; is your Broker or Insurer providing proper advice and adequate covers and are you financially protected from those unexpected things that can happen in this and any country in the world.

Look carefully

I urge you to look carefully into that ‘necessary evil’ and perhaps treat it as a potential ‘saviour’ for the future.