Motor rates – It’s not all doom and gloom

Are Motor Insurance rates increasing?

You are probably aware that there is a move in the market to increase Motor Insurance rates. There has been talk of a legal challenge and as a result there was a moratorium for renewals in January, however, from our extensive discussions with insurers and reinsurers, it appears the new, increased rates will be implemented immediately.

Beware of Discounts!

Several insurers are offering certain discounts, but we would advise you to be very careful when accepting these. Please ensure that the insurer or broker has confirmed that they are compliant and that the reinsurers have signed the discounts off, if not you could be left without full protection. There are some ‘maverick’ insurers around, and the adage of ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ could be very true in this instance!

What are the new Motor Insurance Rates?

The new Motor Insurance rates are a bit of a minefield to understand, so if you contact your usual person at JWS we will be pleased to explain these to you in full.

JW Seagon has the answer!

As you may expect from JWS we have thought long and hard about how to either mitigate the increase or improve our present policy wording to get more for your money. We are delighted to say, that with full support from our markets, and fully compliant, we have devised our own policy for our clients, and prospects.

Fundamentally, Motor Insurance rates are rising, and we can´t change that but we can offer you more for your money. For example we can schedule your vehicles in a way that might make savings and for our personal clients we have our JWS Trinity scheme available where you will almost certainly save money.

JWS Trinity: Amalgamate your Household Insurance with your Motor Insurance and you will save money.

It does not matter if one is Insured at a different time to the other, we will accommodate that for you.

Seeing is believing

If you just have your Home Insurance with us, add your Motor Insurance cover and see the savings; if you just do Motor Insurance with us, then send us your Home Insurance and the same applies. If you are not yet a client, e-mail us your current schedules and we will show you the savings.

Act now, the new rates have arrived!

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