Looking after the flower people

By David Seagon

With couples all over the world set to enjoy a day of amorous indulgence, the age-old tradition of Valentine’s Day flowers remains as popular as ever. From tongue-tied teenagers to life-long lovers, it’s the one gift that allows even the most reluctant romantics to articulate their true feelings.

Behind this seemingly simple gesture, there is, of course, a complex process that often gets overlooked. So, on the coat-tails of today’s romance and excitement, we thought we’d spare a thought for the florists and flower growers who make February 14th so special.

It’s not all moonlight and roses!

In Kenya, flower farms employ more than 90,000 people and export more than 125,000 tons of stock every year. The industry accounts for 1.3% of the national economy and is valued at $507 million. But despite these impressive numbers, the journey from field to shop-shelf is far from straightforward.

Obviously, the way in which stock is stored, packaged and transported plays an important role in keeping flowers fresh. Plus timings are critical when items are being shipped overseas. But there are no guarantees that good preparation and efficient processes will ensure safe passage. With the best will in the world, there’s very little anyone can do about accidents, adverse weather conditions or malicious damage.

Needless to say, insurance is a key consideration for many horticultural businesses. Some are forced to take up multiple options to cover the diverse risks of growing, transporting and maintaining their stock – although this approach is often time consuming and expensive. Then there’s the added problem of having several points of contact when things go wrong. It’s hardly ideal and highlights the importance of having an experienced insurance partner on side – because the right support can make an enormous difference.

Introducing the Horti plan

At JW Seagon, we know that horticultural businesses have unique insurance requirements. So rather than trying to shoe-horn in generic products to fit this sector, we’ve teamed up with a major Kenyan insurer and come up with a solution of our own.

Our Horti Plan is a unique insurance product created especially for flower farmers and horticultural businesses. As well as protecting clients against any physical damage to their plants, it covers everything from business interruption and employee liability to mechanical breakdown and workers’ compensation. Plus it’s all packaged together in one simple, affordable solution.

It might not be the most traditional Valentine’s gift – but if you’re in the industry, you’ll love it! It really is “Bloomin Marvellous…”

To find out more about Horti Plan visit our website or call 0709 455 026.