Over 25 years of insurance broking expertise

As one of East Africa’s most reputable and knowledgeable brokers, we often get asked the question – what is the single most important insurance product to purchase? And whilst there is no simple, definitive answer, one thing is for certain, life insurance is always towards the top of the list – for both individuals and businesses.

Over 25 years of insurance broking expertise
Life Insurance – an overview

Life Insurance – an overview

Life insurance is simple and straightforward. A life policy pays out the sum insured in the event of the death of the policyholder. The money can be used for a variety of eventualities i.e. paying off a mortgage or any outstanding debt, leaving a lump sum for dependants or to help protect any loss of income.

Life insurance is a relatively low-cost product. A significant lump sum can be secured with a low monthly premium (often costing just a few dollars).

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The meaning of ‘Life’

We’d like to introduce you to “Life”. “Life” is a character that we’ve created to help spread the word on the importance of life insurance and to highlight the numerous benefits of having reliable cover in place.

There isn’t one single reason to purchase life insurance, it’s always down to the specific needs of the individual. So, in order to help our clients and customers understand life insurance in more detail, we’ve developed a range of real-life scenarios and show the potential impact it has on our lead character “Life”.

The scenarios below cover the key reasons why someone would purchase life insurance. Simply click on any scenarios which are relevant to your personal circumstances, and see how JW Seagon helps you protect the things you love by ensuring their financial safety.

Introducing Life insurance from JW Seagon
Protecting your child's future...
Taking care of dependants...
Paying off debts...
Replacing primary income...
Protecting against a critical illness or disability...
Protecting a business...
Enjoying those moments in life...
Covering funeral expenses...

Introducing JWS Protect – our simple life insurance solution

Many people put-off buying life insurance due to a lack of time. At JW Seagon we like to have insurance solutions for everyone, so for anyone looking for quick and easy life cover, JWS Protect is exactly what you need.

The benefits – at a glance

  • Annual premium of $500 which gives a lump sum of $100,000 payable on death
  • No medical examination required – cover offered subject to the completion of a satisfactory Declaration of Good Health only once at inception.
  • Immediate cover available for sum assured up to $150k
  • Applicants must be between the ages of 18 – 69
  • JWS Protect is only available to citizens and residents of Kenya
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Introducing JWS Protect – our online life insurance solution
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The great news about JWS Protect is that immediate cover, with no medical examinations or long-winded paperwork, is available for lump sums up to $150,000. To progress simply click below.

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