Does your Liability insurance policy cover you for these losses?

By Jeremy Clayton

As many of you will know, JW Seagon has provided it’s highly successful Safari Plan policy to the Tourism sector for many years now. We are extremely proud of our policy and the cover is, undoubtedly, the most comprehensive in the market.

In the last few years, we have dealt with many losses, some rather sad, some with a ‘tinge’ of comedy and some quite shocking. We have reviewed many client’s own policies and it is fair to say that most of these losses would not be picked up by many local standard Public Liability policies. Here are just a few examples.

  • Lady guest twisted her ankle on some protruding wood in her tent. Action commenced in the USA and the Worldwide jurisdiction clause kicked in. Payment made $10,000.
  • Travel Agent advises client about visa requirements of a particular region in East Africa. Incorrect advice given, customer claimed compensation for costs incurred. Payment made $15,000.
  • Food poisoning of guests, action commenced in the UK. Legal fees being met under jurisdiction clause. Estimated costs £21,000.
  • Car accident in vehicle supplied by our client. Brakes failed. No estimate at this stage.
  • Vehicle transporting guests overturned in river. Guests effects damaged. Costs $5,000.
  • Aviation crash, potential Liability for providers of Tour Operating services. No claim yet, Insurers notified.

Thankfully, there have been no substantial payments reserved or paid to date, but all our clients can sleep easy in the knowledge that all these incidents are covered for up to $10m as standard under the Safari Plan policy.

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