Kenya Travel – questions and answers.

By Jeremy Clayton

Having been resident here in Kenya for the last 4 years and travelling back and forwards to the UK and other parts of the World, there have been several changes over the years, and these changes – some more recently, raise questions which I don’t seem to be able to find the answers to.

That wonderful invention, the Internet, is always the first place to look – you know, important things like, how many Number 1 hits did Elvis have posthumously and at which ground did the Arsenal ‘Invincibles’ secure the Premier League championship that year? Important questions, easy to research and factual answers easily available. Thank you Messrs. Cerf, Kahn and Berners-Lee. (look it up!)

Let’s get back to questions that relate to what we all have something in common about. So, my three questions are:-

  1. At JKIA airport in Nairobi, in which line does one stand if one has a work permit stamped in their passport, which line if you want to buy a Visa at the counter and what line if you have purchased the e-Visa? The only clues are one sign says ‘Visa’ the other signs say ‘e-Visa’; the immigration staff all have different opinions and the internet doesn’t tell you, so answers on a postcard but no bonus points as there just isn’t a correct answer, I promise you, it depends who is at immigration!
  2. When you are told by check in that your lap top and mobile phones cannot be taken on the plane as hand baggage, will the airline take responsibility for any loss or damage to your equipment? Generally, the answer is ‘no’ – and have you checked your insurance policy as that will normally exclude cover. At JWS we have resolved this, but have you?
  3. Now, the big one! I applaud the reasoning behind the new Kenyan rules about plastic bags and I absolutely support the efforts to make this change in Kenya and anywhere else in the World. However, the £38,000 fine and 4 years in prison could be seen as a little excessive and I want to check if anyone knows what we now do with my ‘liquids’ when I arrive at JKIA to fly anywhere internally or externally? Or Heathrow to fly out to Kenya? Of course, I can place it in the hold, but what if I have no hold luggage? What if some of the ‘liquids’ I have are essential for the flight, perhaps medication? Has anyone thought this through or now, when we travel in and around Kenya, do we run the risk of 4 years of hard labour?

A bit of a light-hearted article, but really, I would like to know if there are some super intelligent members out there who can answer these questions?!

Happy travelling.

Images designed by katemangostar / Freepik