JWS Premier Aviation – “Proactive broking, moving ahead of the marketplace”

Around 2 years ago, JW Seagon launched our product for aviation industry, Premier Aviation. In that time, it has continued to grow, and we are extremely proud of its success.

During this time, the Aviation Insurance sector has had some extremely difficult times, with some well publicised disasters resulting in massive claims for loss and damage and bodily injury. This has affected the number and capacity of Insurers in this sector and we are experiencing a major hardening in underwriting, affecting the rates considerably. Whatever type of Aviation risk is being looked at, we are facing difficult choices this year and this is likely to continue into 2021.

Historically, our Aviation business was placed in one market only, but with that market seemingly being at the forefront of rating increases, and being more select on the type of aircraft they will underwrite for us, we felt there was a need to broaden our horizons and introduce new markets for our Aviation clientele.

With this in mind we are excited to be working with Grimme Butcher Jones Ltd, an experienced and knowledgeable niche Aviation Lloyds Broker, based in London. To date they have had great success in securing placements for a whole range of businesses in this sector, and have exclusive placing facilities for African risks that outperform the other markets, including;

  • Business jets and Turbo props
  • Rotor Wing
  • Airlines
  • Balloons
  • Aerospace / Service Providers

Whether the aircraft is large or small, whether it is a single unit or a fleet, they have ample capacity to deal with anything that is sent their way.

We very much look forward to working with them and we welcome your enquiries over the coming months.

To find out more please email pink@jwseagon.com or call us on +254 797 723050.