Introducing the new look JW Seagon

After the stressful and challenging year we’ve all endured, we wanted to retain an element of optimism and made a decision to polish up our branding – starting with a new logo.

For those of you who are familiar with our current logo – it is a Baobab tree – which is indigenous to the Africa region and reflects the fact that we provide protection/cover to our clients and have a deep-rooted heritage.

With our new logo, we were ultra-conscious not to throw away sentimentality and our core foundations for the sake of modernity – we’ve aimed to cover all bases.

Firstly, we’ve retained the tree but made it more vibrant, flourishing and with deeper visible roots which portray our growing product portfolio and enviable reputation within the local community. We’ve also added new colours to the logo which have been taken from our brand pallet.

With the body of the tree, we’ve introduced an optical device where it can be viewed as a tree trunk, a pair of protective hands or both. Either way, it shows customer support is central to our entire proposition. Interestingly, we did have a person sitting under the tree on our old logo (which many people never actually realised!) – so we wanted to remove any ambiguity around the human element in our new design.

We also decided to refresh our slogan by moving it from “Caring for you” to “Insurance you can be sure of”. Our thinking here was simple, we wanted the new slogan to be more memorable, catchy, and meaningful to both clients and prospects.

In the words of David Seagon – our Managing Director “It was vital that the new logo retained a sense of nostalgia from our beginnings in Africa, but we also needed to move with the times to remain relevant to new customer groups and new markets – both online and offline. I hope you like the new direction and we look forward to providing ‘insurance you can be sure of’ for many more years to come. We also have a new website coming soon – watch this space!”