As easy as that

Insurance valuation service

Not long ago, we provided details of a valuation service in the UK, which all our clients, wherever you are in the world, can access. For those with valuable jewelry, art, watches, etc., it is essential that, if insured, that they are insured on the correct basis…under insurance can be extremely costly to a Policyholder.

Many of our clients have used the service, and in this link is an example of what you will receive from Doerr Dallas Valuations. It is an impressive report and accepted by all major insurers that we use at JW Seagon.

In terms of how easy it is, this is what one of our clients told us:

‘I e-mailed Doerr’s and they e-mailed straight back. They requested that I e-mail a photograph of each piece and where I had any supporting documents, like boxes, certificates, evidence of serial numbers, etc., they asked me to send photos of those. They sent me an invoice for the small cost and I settled this by transfer. Within 48 hours, I had received the impressive professional valuation. From start to finish, it was an excellent experience and I am now arranging to send them certain items of jewellery and art to value’

 Please note, JW Seagon receives no commissions or income from this process, we just believe that our clients should have the availability of such a service, so they can judge whether their insurances are adequate.

Please click here for the Doerr Dallas website.