How to avoid the wrong headlines

By David Seagon

It’s no fun reading the news these days. Murder, kidnap and terrorism aren’t exactly conducive to a leisurely breakfast. And let’s face it, nobody likes to hear about extortion and industrial espionage on their way into work. Sadly, these types of stories have become all too familiar in the modern world and increasingly hard to ignore.

As an Insurance Broker in East Africa, we often see the impact first hand. In fact, we have a long list of case studies that read more like high-octane film scripts than real life events. But funnily enough, it’s always the ones that don’t make the news that have true Hollywood endings – the threats that are thwarted by quick-thinking professionals, the plots that are intercepted by technical experts and the tragedies that are averted by astute insurance companies planning ahead.

Insuring the things that no-one wants to talk about

The more I see, the more I believe that it is possible to prepare for every eventuality. In many ways, that’s the beauty of good insurance – it isn’t just about fixing leaking pipes and replacing stolen cars; it’s about protecting people against all kinds of risk, from the mundane to the unthinkable. That’s why at JW Seagon, we don’t restrict ourselves to traditional, off-the shelf products. We cast the net wider and come up with bespoke solutions that work harder for our clients.

The Security Incident Response (SIR) product we offer is a prime example. It covers businesses against everything from abduction, assault and bribery, to kidnap, hijack and hostage situations – plus plenty more besides, including cyber threats, political unrest and terrorism. Unfortunately, these are the realities that we now face throughout Africa, and indeed the rest the world, which is why we have to be prepared.

The product itself has been underwritten by Hiscox (one of the world’s leading specialist risk insurers) and features Hiscox’s exclusive partnership with Control Risks (one of the most established and largest specialist global risk consultancy). This gives our clients access to a huge range of Control Risk’s services via the policy, giving them the confidence that they have best-in-class support only a phone-call away. What makes it so significant is that it protects organisations against those unspeakable threats that often get overlooked. In doing so, it marks an important step forward for businesses who are ready to take control of their environment and protect their employees against the more sinister side of modern society.

Changing the insurance mind-set

People often assume that insurance is only there to protect you when things go wrong. But the truth is, it’s much more than that. A good insurance policy doesn’t wait until the damage is done; it helps you prepare for the worst-case scenario, kicks in at the first sign of trouble and prevents problems from escalating into something much worse.

As an Insurance Broker, I believe it’s our duty to seek out these products and promote them from the rooftops. Rather than settling for second best, we have a responsibility to protect every aspect of our clients’ existence – from a broken window to a full-scale terrorist attack. So rather than waiting to become another unsavoury news headline, maybe it’s time you got in touch!

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