Hollard Cigna Health has been replaced by Cigna Africa

As of 1st January 2023, Hollard Cigna Health has been replaced by Cigna Africa and their local insurer partner AAR.

What is the reason for the change?

The strong partnership with Hollard Health International allowed Cigna to grow successfully across Africa. However, Cigna now believes there are greater opportunities for future growth and increased efficiencies by operating independently.

As before, to comply with regulatory requirements, Cigna will continue to work in direct partnership with locally licenced insurers in each market.

Which policies are affected?

The change from Hollard Cigna Health to Cigna affects the following policies only: Hollard Cigna Health plans, JWS Worldwide Health Plan and JWS Safari Health Plan.

Have I now got a local policy and not an international one?

No, you continue to have an international policy. Your health insurance protection is arranged with Cigna, a leading global health insurer with a wide reach in the Africa region. The scope and depth of your cover meets the high standards of international health insurance solutions.

Which local insurer is the Cigna partner in Kenya?

Cigna’s local partner in Kenya is AAR Kenya Limited.

Why AAR?

Hollard owned the relationship with the previous local Kenyan insurer APA, so Cigna had to find an alternative. Cigna used an external agency to do a whole review of reliable local Insurers in different African countries and for Kenya AAR was recommended.

What is AAR’s involvement?

AAR’s involvement is primarily to fulfill a Kenya regulatory requirement of having a local insurer involved. AAR are NOT paying claims, holding the premium (other than a small percentage required locally), and AAR are NOT involved in the day-to-day administration of policies. Cigna remains the sole administrator and will continue to pay eligible claims in line with the policy terms and conditions as it has always done.

How does this affect me? Do the changes affect my current plan in any way?

There is no change to the way your policy is administered, and eligible claims are paid. Cigna remains the sole administrator and will continue to pay eligible claims in line with the policy terms and conditions, as it has always done.

One key change, which only applies at renewal, is a change to the bank account for paying premiums. It is important to wait for your renewal invoice to arrive because the bank details have changed and the details you used to pay your premium before renewal will no longer apply. Until your next renewal, if you are currently making staggered premium payments, there is no change and you should continue to use the bank details for APA.

At renewal, for company policies only (not individual or family policies), new membership numbers and cards will be issued and there will be access to a new customer portal. Further details will be provided at renewal.

Does it also mean that you will be issuing new cards without the Hollard name?

Yes, over time cards will be issued without the Hollard name. But in the meantime, there is no change to when and where you can use the card.

If you have any further questions please reach out to your Client Relationship Manager or contact us at: Email: talk2us@jwseagon.com or Tel: + 254 (0) 709 455 000