Get Peace of Mind. Have a Wellness Check.

Because I work for JW Seagon I am fully aware that I get an annual wellness check paid for as part of my insurance policy and yet I haven´t done one for 4 years – why not? Simply because everything else gets in the way, children, work, social life, it is just something I haven´t prioritized. Yet I am constantly saying that I need to get a thorough check up, just for peace of mind. It is also included in my health insurance policy, so I am paying for it anyway!

Recently we came to learn about TIBU who have developed a medical service that you can receive in the comfort of your own home within the Nairobi area. They also offer a wellness check so I thought I would try it out. One Saturday morning whilst relaxing in my sister’s garden in Kitisuru one of the TIBU clinicians arrived to carry out the wellness check which took all of about 40 minutes and was totally stress free and very time efficient.

He began the session with a general check-up. All his equipment was contained in a very neatly packed and well thought out bag. Everything was very clean and hygienic, wrapped up neatly and carefully. He even had an ECG machine with him that was about as big as a cigarette lighter, this was linked to an app on his phone, and gave a reading within 30 seconds.

Once the check up had finished he took blood, and the check was over. The blood samples were sent off straight away and I received all the results later that evening. The blood tests cover a range of different body functions and any abnormalities in the blood would be flagged and further tests would be recommended. If you were to be harbouring any diseases or deficiencies these would show up in either the clinical consultation or the blood tests or a combination of the two.

There is nothing more important than your health and maintaining good health should be a priority for all of us. An annual wellness check allows you to detect any nasties in good time which means you can make a well-informed decision about treatment and the outcome is often more positive. We know this because we have seen it first-hand.

The TIBU experience was super simple to organise and took hardly any time at all, and I can highly recommend it to you all. However, there are several reputable clinics you can go to, the main thing is that you should take advantage of your healthcare policy and ensure you get an annual check.

For more information click here or to schedule your wellness check with TIBU either:

Be sure to let the TIBU Team know you are a JW Seagon client!