Embracing Wellness: A Morning of Mindfulness at JWS

One thing I appreciate about JWS’s management team, is their recognition of well being and mental health being key to living a well-balanced healthy life. And because of this we have always had various initiatives that were aimed at getting us to pay attention to our health and the state of our mental being.

Kicking off the year with a bang, we hosted our first initiative: the JWS Wellness Morning on February 1st. Teaming up with the experts from Cigna, we transformed our breakout room into a sanctuary of self-care, reminding everyone that mental health matters—now more than ever. To Baby boomers and Gen Xs, this might still be a concept that they are catching onto😊, however as millennials we are well aware of how a mind that is not calm can lead to living a turbulent life.

We started the morning with the Cigna stress test. With the help of Cigna’s cutting-edge technology, we embarked on a journey of self-discovery. From mind to heart to palms, the kit painted a vivid picture of our stress levels, offering surprising insights and, for some, unexpected moments of calm.

As a full-time working mother to a toddler, I fully expected my stress levels to be high, but to my surprise, at the moment of my testing I was calm and relaxed, according to my results. Very good results in my books. For me, this showed me how stress can be momentary, however if we allow ourselves to carry it around with us, this is when it starts to affect our body negatively.

The morning wasn’t just about numbers and graphs; it was about equipping ourselves with the tools to navigate life’s inevitable stressors. We had the pleasure of listening to Dr Caroline Vundi, who delivered a talk on stress at the workplace and how to practice mindfulness. A very impactful conversation was had on how learning about yourself, knowing yourself and practicing mindfulness can change the way you react to certain situations. And in the workplace, with the many challenges, personalities, and assignments that we deal with every day, this message could not have come at a better time. At the start of the year as we continue to anticipate all that we will do and work on, to make the best of this year.

As we embark on the journey that is 2024, I extend our heartfelt gratitude to the JWS management team for their unwavering support of initiatives like the Wellness Morning. Here’s to many more moments of self-discovery, growth, and wellbeing in the days and years to come.