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25 years of medical advancements

As most of you will know, medical insurance is very close to our hearts as it was the first product we started selling 25 years ago! In this time, we’ve seen our medical insurance products evolve in terms of benefit levels and flexibility for customers, while in the background some of the advancements in the medical field have been truly staggering and life-changing. Here are just a few of the key advancements we’ve benefited from over the past 25 years (Source: Medscape 2018):

1. Cardiology: Statins for Secondary Prevention

Seth Bilazarian, MD, a clinical and interventional cardiologist at Pentucket Medical Associates in Haverhill, Massachusetts, nominated the use of statins for secondary prevention. Since their increased use, we have seen declining rates in coronary intervention, coronary bypass surgery, myocardial infarction, and sudden cardiac death. We’ve also seen marked improvement in the durability and longevity of the coronary bypass grafts.

2. Gastroenterology: Treatment of Hepatitis C Virus

In the past few years, the landscape of direct-acting antiviral therapy has evolved at a breath-taking pace, with interferon-free, all-oral regimens now becoming the standard of care. Treatment has become shorter, safer, and even more effective. John Bartlett, MD, professor emeritus in the Department of Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital, enthused that hepatitis C “has undergone a revolutionary change from no treatment to very poorly tolerated treatment to miraculous treatment. This will be the first chronic viral infection that is cured.”

3. Diabetes: Medications and Monitoring

Diabetes care has undergone a sea change with a newly flowing pipeline of better drugs, new delivery systems (like the insulin pump), and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). The result of these many improvements? John Buse, MD, PhD, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, recalls, “Twenty years ago, every day there were patients in my lobby with below-the-knee amputations, seeing eye dogs, or white canes. Today it is so rare; I am convinced that we are only beginning to understand what the natural history of diabetes will be in the 21st century. The prognosis for a normal life span free of disabling complications, I think, is excellent for people living with diabetes today.”

Are you getting the right treatment?

After reading our lead article about medical advancements, you may fall into the trap of believing in the notion that the Doctor is always right. This is not always the case!

Research shows that around 75% of healthcare costs are for treatments that are a direct result of lifestyle habits, which can be modified. Digging deeper, there are three key areas that seem to put most pressure on healthcare budgets 1) Obesity/being overweight 2) non-communicable diseases such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and 3) poor quality of care.

It’s the poor quality of care that needs further exploration. As experts in health insurance, we hear many successful case studies where customers are given the right treatment, at the right time and within the right cost schedules. But this is not always the norm.

When you consider that 20-40% of healthcare spending is wasted due to poor-quality care, you start to get an idea of the bigger picture. With clinical uncertainty, unclear guidelines for medical encounters and poor execution often being cited in medical institutions across the globe – something needs to be done.

And the one thing that many experts agree on is that there are a few simple steps that can be followed to reduce inefficient healthcare systems, most notably:

  • focus on prevention to avoid unnecessary, costly treatment
  • improve treatment options and decision making with better review systems in place
  • delivery of care based on best-practice, in approved locations

At JW Seagon, we continue to work with leading providers and insurers within the medical field, to ensure our customers experience an efficient and expert patient journey in all cases.

25 not out!

For those of you who missed David’s (first ever!) blog a few weeks ago, here’s your chance to catch up. It’s David’s personal account of the JW Seagon 25-year journey and it’s received some great feedback so far. Enjoy!

“I love my cricket.
I love watching it, I love playing it.
25 is a score I often dream about. It shouldn’t be that difficult to get to, should it?

Well, finally I have made it…. or should I say JW Seagon has.

In April this year JW Seagon reached the milestone, and what a journey it has been. Up’s, down’s, laughter, sweat and tears. Good deals, bad deals (don’t mention the diamonds!), it has been a journey I would never change.

April 1993 (JWS established)

No wi-fi, no internet, no mobiles
Calls overseas had to be made through the Operator
No Bovril on the shelves
No big malls
The Pound was at 36 to the Shilling
Brookside Dairies was founded
The KRA did not exist!
Delamere Bar, Carnivore and Mischiefs were the preferred drinking holes
Bupa Gold for an adult on a group only cost £650.00
Karen to Muthaiga 20 minutes

Fast forward to April 2018.

Internet, wi fi and communications are first world
Traffic is a nightmare
Karen to Muthaiga 60 minutes (at least)
Malls everywhere
People everywhere
The pound is at 135
Bupa Gold on a group can cost anything from £10,000 depending on age

….but we are all still here, and Kenya still remains one of the best places to live and work, despite all its frustrations.

JW Seagon is still very much here.

All good innings are built around solid foundations. JWS is no different. The foundations that were there at the beginning still remain.

We go from strength to strength, expanding our product offerings, and where we operate. Looking to improve our service wherever possible, and looking for solutions that better meet the needs of our diverse client base. We don’t win them all. We don’t please everyone. It is only natural to expect somewhere along the line that a disagreement may arise. We have to rely on our mission statement being “Caring for You.” We will always strive to do what is best for the client, but as independent brokers, also representing the insurers, we must also ensure we have insurers best interests at heart. We rely on our knowledge and understanding of the products we sell, and the experience we have gained over 25 years to offer unbiased, fair advice.

In the early days JW Seagon only marketed life and medical. Today we truly are a One Stop Shop. We have the widest agency network of International medical providers, offering options from 8 insurers. We have a well-developed General Insurance team offering the widest range of bespoke, original and comprehensive packaged policies in the market today. We have developed packages for Horticulture, Schools, Tourism, Aviation, Travel, Commercial Combined, Motor and Household.

However, none of this would have been possible without our wonderful clients, some of whom have been with us from the very beginning of our journey. I am truly grateful for the trust you show in the JW Seagon team, for the loyalty you have displayed over the years. Without you, the first 25 years would not have been possible. We have all made some good friendships along the way. We hope it is safe to say that there are a lot more happier clients, than disgruntled ones. We will continue to look at ways of improving what we offer, and if anyone has any tips, we are always all ears.

As well as the clients, I must also say a big thank you to the staff. Some have been with us for very nearly the whole 25 years (Kanak, Rose). The dedication and commitment staff show to ensure clients are treated as well as possible makes me very proud, and I thank everyone, past and present, who has helped JWS along its journey.

Two people who deserve special mention, one of whom is very sadly no longer here today. A lady who instilled in me, and the company, the good qualities I hope we all have – caring, understanding, compassion, generosity, honesty, commitment, and humour. My mum, Diana, who was always there ensuring we did the right thing, putting us right if we strayed off course. Her values live on. The second of course is mzee; the man who started it all, and is still working today after very nearly 65 years in insurance. A man who instilled other qualities in all of us – hard work, integrity, kindness, loyalty. Thank you very much for everything. You have been inspirations.

I hope this innings can continue, and you will all be part of it, for the next 25 years.

Thanks for all your support.

Blog off!

If you enjoyed David’s 25-year blog, then we hope you are ready for some more! At the start of the year, we challenged our senior management team to embrace social media and to help raise JW Seagon’s online presence. We’re delighted to say that they responded, and we subsequently set up a ‘news and blog’ page on our website. Here you’ll find the latest news within the market, combined with our expert insights. But best of all, many of our blogs have been written in an engaging, conversational tone. After all, who says insurance has to be boring!?

JW Seagon World Cup Score Predictor

You may remember that the last edition of CQ was all about the World Cup and coincided with the launch of the JW Seagon World Cup Score Predictor game.

Thank you to everyone who took part – we were overwhelmed with the interest levels and received over 4000 sign ups, which was a remarkable result. We hope you had as much fun as we did predicting the scores throughout the tournament, and a big well done to all our winners shown on this page.

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