Buying travel insurance – ASAP or ASAB?

This blog has been inspired by a TV program in the UK, so whilst it is not my idea, it is my decision to write a quick blog about it!

There is a program on television in the UK which discusses financial matters – saving money, investments and legal matters surrounding money. It is extremely informative and hosted by a very clever gentleman called Martyn Lewis.

Last night’s episode highlighted something that I am using today, and it relates to buying your travel insurance for your holidays/trips, whether coming to East Africa for that amazing safari or anywhere else in the world. As per the heading, when buying your vital travel insurance cover, it is not ‘as soon as possible’…it’s As Soon As you Book (ASAB).

As explained by Mr. Lewis, your risk starts from the moment you book and hand over your hard-earned cash. One of the major parts of any insurance policy is the ‘cancellation’ cover; in the event of an unforeseen event, such as a serious illness before the trip commences, you may have to  cancel the trip, not just for you, but all your travelling companions. If you leave buying the cover until just before your trip, you will not be able to claim, leading to lost deposits, flight costs, hotel costs, etc.

JWS Travel is one of the widest covers available in the market and we urge you…when you commit to your next holiday, to get that Travel cover in place…. ASAB.

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