Remarkable opportunities for the right people.

When it comes to the recruitment and retention of our staff members, we leave no stone unturned.
We aim to develop talent and careers so that each and every employee can become the best that they can be.

In addition to a competitive salary and an attractive benefits package, you will also benefit from:

  • Extra increments for outstanding performance
  • An annual company bonus and a quarterly sales bonus that is shared equally between everyone in the company
  • Straightforward job descriptions – every member of the JWS team has, in the same style, one page job descriptions that simply explain their key responsibilities and tasks
  • Six monthly performance reviews, with all outputs agreed
  • Training and educational support – funded by us
  • A comprehensive Employee Handbook is provided to everyone so that we all know where we stand in any situation.

If you have a specific inquiry, please use our contact page.

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