A Tushinde Graduation.

Throughout 2022 we continued to support Tushinde, which is a charitable organisation we hold dearly as JWS.

In December, they hosted a community day for all their families. The day consisted of different talks by the Tushinde staff to the families that they care for and a graduation ceremony, which saw 34 of their clients, graduating from the Family Support Programme. An exciting milestone as this meant that these families were now stable enough to support themselves using the parameters set in place for them by Tushinde.

I was happy to attend this community day and more so get to see the 34 families graduate, a proud accomplishment for them.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was the number of people there, who were a representation of the families that Tushinde supports. The hall they were occupying was packed with over 150 people, all who looked engaged with the speaker’s presentation. You could tell by the level of concentration and engagement, that the speaker’s message was important to them. Shortly after, a few of us donors were introduced to the families and were given the chance to say a few words. Their reception to us was heart-warming to say the least. To also have that moment where we got see the faces of the people we are supporting, was moving. It brought to mind why we are reminded to lend a helping hand where we can. Everyone in that room was happy for the support we give them, even more so excited to see the people behind the help they receive.

The graduation followed shortly after lunch and watching the 34 families in their gowns getting ready to walk down to the front was a sight to behold. They were happy to be at this point, moving from a point of support to where they get to stand on their own two feet. How often in life do we get to such phases and are happy to be welcoming the uncertainty that comes with the next steps? I was in such awe of their attitude and joy, I made a mental note to remember their smiles anytime I am overcoming a difficult period and taking my next uncertain steps.

The team at Tushinde continues to do an incredible job with supporting these families and we are happy to continue supporting them through 2023. If you too, would like to support them, you can reach out to them on info@tushinde.org.uk